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What is the best use case for an iWall? 

Just about anywhere! An iWall is the perfect trade show installation, exhibit in a museum, or guest attraction in a lobby, sports center, or conference. 


How long does it take to create an iWall? 

Our team will work with you based on your use case and timeline. A typical iWall project takes about 8 weeks. There are three main stages to creating the iWall (creative development, software development, fabrication and installation) Our team is here to guide you throughout the entire process. 

Where does an iWall live?

The iWall experience engages, entertains, and educates virtually any audience regardless of the space. The use case for an iWall varies. It is perfect for museums, conferences, trade-shows, higher-ed, conventions & more!

What sort of content can an iWall display?

Just about anything! Graphics, animation, audio and video content are all possible and can be navigated by sliding the monitor, and utilizing the touch screen. By adding depth to the two-dimensional space of a wall, large amounts of information can be conveyed in a way that is not cluttered or overwhelming. iWalls can be used for timelines, x-ray views, storytelling, artifact interpretation, introductions, product line displays and many more dynamic, educational uses.​

What are the programming requirements and how is it created?

The program development is a collaborative experience between the content designers and the software programmers.  

Our iWall team will work closely with you in the development of your content, design, and layout whether  no matter if our team is producing your content or if you're doing it yourself. The graphics layouts are most often created in photoshop and when finished are brought into the programming software.The programing software used most often is Unity3D.   

And to make development easier we've created the "The Track iWall OS". The Track OS communicates with the hardware that identifies the location of the monitor which triggers certain content, as well as many other capabilities. We provide thorough OS documentation for programmers. 

What type of maintenance is required?

The iWall requires very little maintenance and is designed for great durability. The components should be kept clean. The PC and monitors should be dusted periodically.

What kind of warranty is available?

A 1-year warranty is standard on all components. Hardware such as monitors and CPU's are covered by the 3-year manufactures warranty. Onsite maintenance agreements and remote monitoring services are also available. 

What do I need to do to get an estimate?

After an initial discovery call, we can provide you with an estimate. Or, you can also fill out our product request form on our connect page.

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