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There are many different ways to customize an iWall. From frame length and touch screen monitor size to background graphics and content, we'll help your vision come to life. The customizable nature makes for a powerful interactive sliding display.


Frame Length

Think of this as the total length of the interactive sliding display. The touch-screen monitor slides along the frame, which typically ranges from 10 feet to 30 feet in length. Although we have created iWalls up to 40 feet in length with multiple monitors. 


Monitor Size & Type

Our standard iWall systems utilize 4k touch screen monitors for optimal user experience. The standard options come in 32-inch, 43-inch, 55-inch, or 65-inch. 

Thinking of a larger display? We can accomodate up to 70-inch monitors. Or how about a transparent screen? We've done that, too!



There's a wide range of customization for iWall graphics. Graphics mounted to Cintra, SEG fabric graphics, or an added Luma sheet for a backlit effect are all options.


Graphics can be added above or below the display, as well. 


Concave or Convex 

Another exciting thing about the iWall interactive display is it's custom build capabilities. Meaning it can can be built to match the convex or concave curve of the wall that already exists within a space. 


Open Frame  

Open frame configurations provide the opportunity to showcase important artifacts and objects behind the monitor. This makes for an engaging exhibit for guests to explore.